Join us Saturday April 17, 2021 for the fourth annual Local Yarn Store Day!

Here we are, a year into the pandemic. Fortunately, there is an end in sight! Not soon enough to promote packing people into brick and mortar shops, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This has been a very challenging year for so many of us, both retailers and vendors. We do know many of our shops have closed, but it’s heartening that so many are still with us and adapting to the current environment. Our hope is that next year we’ll be able to go back to our usual Local Yarn Store Day, in-store events!

The mission of this effort hasn’t changed. Local Yarn Store Day is designed to drive traffic to Local Yarn Stores. As every shop and every location is different, it’s impossible to make LYS Day a one-size-fits-all event. As with previous LYS Days, it’s up to the Local Yarn Store to create the event that makes sense for them. In these days of limited openings and social distancing, we all have to get creative to show the importance of the local yarn store.

This year, we don’t know how many of our vendor partners will create something unique for the day. Talk to your key vendors and see if they have any plans to create unique items for LYS Day. With all of the disruptions, many of them are probably not focused on this. The same as last year, it’s OK to offer LYS Day merchandise on-line for 2021. If you’ve participated before, you know what a big success it has been. Local Yarn Store
Day has brought thousands upon thousands of ‘yarnies’ from across the US and Canada to go to their local shop. This year, and for the next couple of years, we all have to be creative!

Other Ideas for LYSDay:
• Hold a socially distanced event outside! Perhaps in the parking lot, on the street, in a
nearby park, or anywhere you can be outside and safe.
• Timed entrance. Schedule times for people to come to your event, inside or out.
• Create an LYSDay kit (if none of your vendors are doing one) to make it easy for
people to do curbside pickup and pay
• Promote your event through your web site, social media, email, signs, and any other
way you can
• Ask your vendors if they’ll have any special LYSDay merchandise this year

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